Way to go Telus!

I kinda like this, I know it’s probably not the best for a business to have this, but it’s true and funny!

On a Side note, support someone I went to high school with! I know this site probably attracts geeks, so you should appreciate a couple of funny blonde girls.


The Okanagan and Deadmau5

This is why the Okanagan is awesome and hard to leave 🙂

Funny News

Cougars get no lovin from Google. Google cuts ads for sites such as Cougarlife.com

Privacy settings a problem on Facebook? Most likely, but still funny. Your Open Book is a website that shows Status Updates.

Help get this local video popular!

I promised a friend I would post this, help get the shit viewed out of this video!

Watch This!

Common weed-killer chemically castrates frogs!

So, I think I will pass on using this:

AFP: Common weed-killer chemically castrates frogs: study – http://goo.gl/P23q

A few things because I can…

– My Truck made it to Google Street View (Street View now in Kelowna)

– Google Buzz launches (Social site for Google)

– Downgrade your 3.1.3 IPhone so you can Jailbreak using Pwnage Tool

– I can now Mod ALL 360 Drive Types again Solder free thanks to the Following 🙂

Probe and Connectivity Kit

Opera to come to the IPhone App Store

Sketchpad uses HTML5 (Flash might not be needed much longer)

That about sums it up for me today.

Shaw BBQ

Shaw put us on a Free Flight and Bus Ride to Vancouver for a BBQ, pretty good times!