Everything you might have missed at the fall Apple Event

  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  • Apple Watch Series 2
  • iOS 10
  • Super Mario

More here: http://gizmodo.com/everything-apple-announced-today-1786299295

Popcorntime for iPhone (no Jailbreak required)

This is pretty cool, I’m too lazy to write about it though.


Basically this is Netflix for torrents, enjoy!

MovieBox on iOS 8.1 with no Jailbreak

If you like Popcorn time, then you will like MovieBox. The cool part about MovieBox is you can install it on iOS 8.1 without a Jailbreak, just follow these steps (confirmed working):

  1. Visit this link in Safari on your device: http://ipa.othman.tv/ipa/mbox.php
  2. Click the green install button.
  3. Tap “Install” on the message box that pops up.
  4. Once the app finishes installing, open it and tap “Trust” on the warning that appears.
  5. Enjoy!

Sometimes I miss my iPhone with all this buggy Android software.


I guess I should include the official Popcorntime Links:

Popcorntime for Jailbroken iOS devices
Popcorntime for Android
Popcorn time for Windows/MAC

Happy iPhone/iWatch day!

Stupid Apple making me want things!



Get your free U2 album at iTunes.

Might have to ditch Android as it’s no where near as clean as Apple

Apple iPhone 5S/5C event

Apple event for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C was today.

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C

iOS 7

iOS 7 is out Sept 18th 2013 and here is “everything you need to know about the iPhone 5S

Nexus 4 purchased, iPhone 5 stolen

Guess it’s time for a post, because I have a new toy. I just recently had my iPhone 5 stolen (whoever did this turned it off right away and most likely restored it, so I can’t track it) and now I have a Nexus 4. First of all, people who bash Apple are worse than Apple Fanboys. The iPhone 5 was an amazing phone.

iPhone 5 pros over Nexus 4:

– Fast, clean and stable
– Dual band Wifi and LTE
– Bluetooth is way better quality
– Apple extras (Airplay, iMessage, iCloud, Facetime, SIRI) –these actually matter
– iPhone 5 was a perfect Mobile size, plus build quality
– Camera is also quite better
– Accessories
– Games (Apps in general are cleaner)
– GPS is way better on the iPhone (do not install yahoo maps on the Nexus 4, it will break your GPS)

Nexus 4 pros over iPhone:

– Not locked down, extremely open and customizable
– Best of Google (Google is amazing)
– Bigger screen, but not so nice in the hand or pocket
– Cheaper
– Micro USB charging
– Swipe Texting
– Google Now
– 3rd Party Apps
– Wireless charging

Things that make the Nexus 4 a little bit better:

Turn on Developer mode – Settings -> About -> Tap on Build number about 7 times
Turn on LTE – Phone -> Dial *#*#4636#*#* -> turn on the LTE radio (This is disabled in 4.2.2 and you need to flash the 4.2.1 Radio if you want LTE) I’m going to wait because 4.3 is due out soon.

Things that suck from switching from Apple to Android:

Apple is trying to take over all my text messages via iMessage. Apparently this is the fix (not working for me though):

– Remove your number from Facetime and iMessage from all iDevices
– Sign out of Facetime and iMessage on all iDevices
– Reboot and sign back in

If this doesn’t work, some people find the following helps:

– Have your friends update your contact on their iPhone to “Mobile” instead of “iPhone”
– Remove your device from Apple Support
– Remote Wipe Device
– Change your Apple credentials

Hopefully this helps others, I will have to mess with it more when I have more time.

*Update* I had more time to mess around, and the fix was changing my Apple password.

iOS 6.x Jailbreak (iPhone 5 included)

Just so everyone is well aware, looks like this will finally be going down. I will post more on launch, but check here for now:


*UPDATE* It’s out, and I already told you where to get it. You can do this on MAC, Linux, and Windows 🙂

*UPDATE 2* Evasi0n 1.4 is out for iOS 6.1.2

So far after a day of testing and Cydia being hammered, things are looking good. Cydia is a bit slow, but keeping up. The only noticeable bug with this jailbreak is it breaks the Weather application. However a fix is on the way. *Fix is now out on Cydia and evasi0n 1.1 on the site*

Cydia Packages I am using on my iPhone 5: Auxo, Intellescreen X, Bitesms, F.lux, iFile, Activator, Apt 0.7 strict, iCouchpotato, OpenSSH, Resetallkiller, Software Update Killer, and Wifi Analyzer, Make Gmail as Default, and XBMC

A couple other decent Cydia apps worth checking out : Flex, DashboardX and RemoteMessages


Also check out the Must have Jailbreak Apps.

Don’t forget to change your root and mobile password for OpenSSH