NES Classic Mini with all the Games!

Here is how you load your NES Classic Mini with all the games (Tool used in this video)



Amazon Echo in Canada

It’s time for a post! I know I haven’t posted anything in awhile, but this product is pretty cool. I know us Canadians are late to the party since this product STILL isn’t available, but I thought I would share my experience.

Product: Amazon Echo

About 90% of this product will work just fine in Canada if you use Spotify instead of Amazon Prime Music. The only problem you might run into would be the locale (used for timezone, weather, local news and traffic). You can get around this a couple ways:

  1. Specify the city when making these requests “Alexa, tell me the weather in Kelowna BC”
  2. Since my timezone was off, step one didn’t cut it for me. For some reason changing my city to Seattle didn’t update the timezone. Follow this guide to “hack” the Echo’s location to allow an outside the US locale.

First download this Chrome Extension called Request Maker.

Now visit the Alexa website and go to Settings -> click on your Device -> click edit beside your Device Location and change your zip code to a US zip code. Now you can click on the Request Maker extension and you will see a PUT to “”, click on this and you will see the raw text that was sent to Amazon. Using these flags you can set your timezone and device local.

To see which timezone is correct for you visit this Amazon page.

Here is an example from Echotalk forums:

{"deviceAccountId":"DONOTCHANGE","deviceAddress":"23 Wenlock Road, London, N17","deviceAddressModel":{"city":"London","countryCode":"UK","county":"London","district":"Hackney","houseNumber":"901","label":"23 WA-305 NE, Bainbridge Island, N1 7SZ, United Kingdom","postalCode":"N1 7SZ","state":"London","street":"WA-305 NE"},"deviceSerialNumber":"DONOTCHANGE","deviceType":"AB72C64C86AW2","firstRunCompleted":true,"postalCode":"98110","responseStyle":"CONCISE","searchCustomerId":"DONOTCHANGE","temperatureScale":"CELSIUS","timeZoneId":"Europe/London","voiceCastEnabled":null,"autocastToThisClient":false,"isSaveInFlight":true}

Once you have made these changes click SEND and test out Alexa by asking “What’s the weather” or “What’s the time”.

This makes the ECHO almost 100% working in Canada and it’s a really cool product. Now I can control my lights, doors, media centre, temperature, SONOS (official support soon) and get information via jokes or Wikipedia. If you really want to enhance Alexa, try using IFTTT and Home Assistant.

Until Google Home is released, this speaker is a wicked solution.


Tips from switching to Telus (Cable and Internet)

Just recently switched to Telus from being a long time Shaw user. Here are a couple things you might want to know:

Hardware :
– Cisco ISB7150 (TV PVR)
– Actiontech V1000H (Modem/Router)

Putting the Actiontech V1000H into bridged mode (FW 31.30L.57) :

– Since FW .57, you now have to unplug the phone line, reset the router by holding the reset button till the power light goes red. Then you can plug directly into the device and connect to You might have to statically set your computer IP to something like

– Next we need to know our logins for this horrible device
– default customer login is (can be changed after first login) username: admin password: telus
– here is the one we want username: root password: Thr33scr33n!
– make sure you leave the phone cable unplugged when logging into root, and do this right after the reset. If you plug the phone cable back in the username and password will not work as the device grabs an update from Telus.

To enable transparent bridging mode :
– log in as root
– go to “Advanced Setup” WAN IP Addressing
– Select the ISP protocol “RFC 1483 Transparent Bridging”
Plug your own router (WAN port) into the actiontec router (LAN port), now your own router should transparently pass through the actiontec getting a DHCP assigned IP address directly from Telus. Some additional config may be necessary on your router.

– You should now be able to plug the phone cable back in

To connect to the Actiontec router while in bridging mode:

Directly connect a computer to the actiontec router and change the adapter address to a static IP in the actiontec’s default IP range. should work.
Then connect to the router as usual –

With bridging enabled, some strange behaviour is exhibited when logging in – you’ll see below the log in section that it says you’re already logged in as admin although you won’t be able to view any of the configuration pages. When you log in as root you won’t see any confirmation of a log in, you’ll just get bumped back to the home page. You should be able to go to config pages once logged in though.

– I was told to disable (go to that address and change a few settings, mainly the url).

To get Optik TV working with a third party router, you must enable multicasting :

If you don’t have multicasting enabled on your third party router, TV channels will work for a few seconds then drop out.

Options I enabled in Tomato to get this properly working behind my router (so I could use the Telus apps, plus my picture seems better) :

– Advanced -> Firewall -> Multicast — Check Enable IGMPproxy and LAN then Enable Udpxy
– Advanced -> Routing -> Misc — Check Efficient Multicast Forwarding

I was having with Multicast flooding on my wireless network till I checked the above. Now everything is working great. All that’s left is for me to try and capture the Multicast stream and send it to my other media centers to have TV in more rooms without more Telus hardware.

*Apparently you get 2 IPs with Telus, so you can run Optik TV from your router, or from the Telus device (which would be off your network). Telus seems to have issues giving out a second IP, make sure you disable the DHCP server on the Device.*

How to get Optik TV app working on a rooted Android device :

Download the following
SELinux Mode Changer :
Cydia Substrate :
RootCloak Plus :
Am I Rooted? :

These apps should allow you to disable the root check for the Telus Optik TV app on Android (I have yet to get it working)

Blocked Telus ports :

TCP 21 (ftp)
FTP server

TCP 25 (smtp)
Email delivery server (MTA – Mail Transfer Agent)

TCP 80 (www)
Web server

TCP 110 (pop3)
POP3 email retrieval servers (MDA – Mail Delivery Agent)

TCP 6667 (ircd)
IRC servers (Internet Relay Chat)

TCP/UDP 135-139 (dcom and netbios)
135 Windows RPC
136 PROFILE Naming System (basically unused)
137-139 Windows NetBios

TCP/UDP 443 (ssl)
Secure web browsing – HTTPS

TCP/UDP 445 (ms-ds)
Microsoft Directory Services

TCP/UDP 1433-1434 (ms-sql)
Microsoft SQL Server

More information can be found :

This might help with multicast flooding on your Wi-Fi

Chromecast finally becoming useful

I haven’t updated anything on here for quite sometime, apparently I am too busy. I thought this was pretty awesome though.

Google finally released the SDK for Chromecast, which means we should start seeing some pretty awesome things (like more APP support). Right now, you need to update the Google Play Services if you want full support.

Then I would suggest getting PLEX and Allcast as they seem to make the Chromecast most useful right now.

Things are looking up for this $35 purchase!

Ouya with XBMC

I love XBMC and I’m constantly looking for a cheap solution at a fast working XBMC setup. I think the Ouya might be the best solution out there right now.

How to install XBMC

The Ouya is a Android powered ARM system with:

– 1GB of RAM
– Tegra 3
– 8GB of StoragediscoverControllerIf you don’t like XBMC, you can still use anything Android has to offer, like PLEX and Netflix. It comes with a Bluetooth game controller and pairs just fine with a Bluetooth Keyboard. All of this is only $100 bucks. If you are looking for a new Media Center, I think this might be the best solution.

*Update* This thing runs XBMC like a champ, highly recommend this device.

Recent updates (iOS Chrome and Synology DSM 4.2)

You may have noticed that Chrome for iOS was updated. If you have a Jailbroken iPhone, it will crash at launch. Use the Jailbreak tweak “Flex” to fix this. If you are too cheap to buy this, then I am sure something will hit Cydia soon.

Synology DSM 4.2 also updated, and if you are using the Synocommunity for Sickbeard, Headphones, Couchpotato, Maraschino, and Sabnzbd. Then you might notice you run into issues updating due to Python not being in a running state. Just edit this file and it should help:

Edit file /var/packages/python/scripts/start-stop-status
Change exit code “status” to 0

Midnight Commander is helpful if you have issues finding this file.

Upgrade your Ram from 1GB to 2GB in the Synology DS412+

Upgrade your Ram from 1GB to 2GB in the Synology DS412+

Tear Down and Ram

I might try this as I am needing more Ram 🙂

*Update* I have 2GB of ram in my Synology DS412+ now, everything was quick and easy. I will stress test the system over the next few weeks, but so far it’s all good.

I will note that I have read enough about this, and I would avoid upgrading to 4GB.