How to improve Google Play All Access Music

I recently made the switch to Google Music All Access, which is pretty decent. I made the switch because it plays quite nice with Android (although it bugs me that the iOS version is better). I like the music quality and availability, but I miss the social aspect of Spotify and Rdio (shared playlists and new music updates). Hopefully better playlist support is on the way since Google bought Songza.

Playlist communities:
Google+ Playlist sharing
Reddit Playlist sharing

Programs (I won’t explain what these do):
Song Spout
Music Mate

Export Spotify playlists to Google Music playlists:

Shared Playlists:
US iTunes top 60
Octane Big Uns (maintained by me)
New Singles
Get it in mix (Gym/Dance/EDM music)

If you have any playlists you would like to share, please do so in the comments.

Import playlists into Spotify using Ivy

Import RDIO playlists into Spotify (which I’m liking more than RDIO) here.

Google Music seems to have playlist searching working since the last update 😀

Ouya with XBMC

I love XBMC and I’m constantly looking for a cheap solution at a fast working XBMC setup. I think the Ouya might be the best solution out there right now.

How to install XBMC

The Ouya is a Android powered ARM system with:

– 1GB of RAM
– Tegra 3
– 8GB of StoragediscoverControllerIf you don’t like XBMC, you can still use anything Android has to offer, like PLEX and Netflix. It comes with a Bluetooth game controller and pairs just fine with a Bluetooth Keyboard. All of this is only $100 bucks. If you are looking for a new Media Center, I think this might be the best solution.

*Update* This thing runs XBMC like a champ, highly recommend this device.