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How to improve Google Play All Access Music

I recently made the switch to Google Music All Access, which is pretty decent. I made the switch because it plays quite nice with Android (although it bugs me that the iOS version is better). I like the music quality and availability, but I miss the social aspect of Spotify and Rdio (shared playlists and new music updates). Hopefully better playlist support is on the way since Google bought Songza.

Playlist communities:
Google+ Playlist sharing
Reddit Playlist sharing

Programs (I won’t explain what these do):
Song Spout
Music Mate

Export Spotify playlists to Google Music playlists:

Shared Playlists:
US iTunes top 60
Octane Big Uns (maintained by me)
New Singles
Get it in mix (Gym/Dance/EDM music)

If you have any playlists you would like to share, please do so in the comments.

Import playlists into Spotify using Ivy

Import RDIO playlists into Spotify (which I’m liking more than RDIO) here.

Google Music seems to have playlist searching working since the last update ūüėÄ

Tips from switching to Telus (Cable and Internet)

Just recently switched to Telus from being a long time Shaw user. Here are a couple things you might want to know:

Hardware :
– Cisco ISB7150 (TV PVR)
– Actiontech V1000H (Modem/Router)

Putting the Actiontech V1000H into bridged mode (FW 31.30L.57) :

– Since FW .57, you now have to unplug the phone line, reset the router by holding the reset button till the power light goes red. Then you can plug directly into the device and connect to You might have to statically set your computer IP to something like

– Next we need to know our logins for this horrible device
–¬†default customer login is (can be changed after first login)¬†username: admin¬†password: telus
Рhere is the one we want username: root password: Thr33scr33n!
– make sure you leave the phone cable unplugged when logging into root, and do this right after the reset. If you plug the phone cable back in the username and password will not work as the device grabs an update from Telus.

To enable transparent bridging mode :
– log in as root
– go to “Advanced Setup”¬†WAN IP Addressing
– Select the ISP protocol “RFC 1483 Transparent Bridging”
Plug your own router (WAN port) into the actiontec router (LAN port), now your own router should transparently pass through the actiontec getting a DHCP assigned IP address directly from Telus. Some additional config may be necessary on your router.

– You should now be able to plug the phone cable back in

To connect to the Actiontec router while in bridging mode:

Directly connect a computer to the actiontec router and change the adapter address to a static IP in the actiontec’s default IP range. should work.
Then connect to the router as usual –

With bridging enabled, some strange behaviour is exhibited when logging in – you’ll see below the log in section that it says you’re already logged in as admin although you won’t be able to view any of the configuration pages. When you log in as root you won’t see any confirmation of a log in, you’ll just get bumped back to the home page. You should be able to go to config pages once logged in though.

– I was told to disable (go to that address and change a few settings, mainly the url).

To get Optik TV working with a third party router, you must enable multicasting :

If you don’t have multicasting enabled on your third party router, TV channels will work for a few seconds then drop out.

Options I enabled in Tomato to get this properly working behind my router (so I could use the Telus apps, plus my picture seems better) :

– Advanced -> Firewall -> Multicast — Check¬†Enable IGMPproxy and LAN then¬†Enable Udpxy
– Advanced -> Routing -> Misc — Check¬†Efficient Multicast Forwarding

I was having with Multicast flooding on my wireless network till I checked the above. Now everything is working great. All that’s left is for me to try and capture the Multicast stream and send it to my other media centers to have TV in more rooms without more Telus hardware.

*Apparently you get 2 IPs with Telus, so you can run Optik TV from your router, or from the Telus device (which would be off your network). Telus seems to have issues giving out a second IP, make sure you disable the DHCP server on the Device.*

How to get Optik TV app working on a rooted Android device :

Download the following
SELinux Mode Changer :
Cydia Substrate :
RootCloak Plus :
Am I Rooted? :

These apps should allow you to disable the root check for the Telus Optik TV app on Android (I have yet to get it working)

Blocked Telus ports :

TCP 21 (ftp)
FTP server

TCP 25 (smtp)
Email delivery server (MTA – Mail Transfer Agent)

TCP 80 (www)
Web server

TCP 110 (pop3)
POP3 email retrieval servers (MDA – Mail Delivery Agent)

TCP 6667 (ircd)
IRC servers (Internet Relay Chat)

TCP/UDP 135-139 (dcom and netbios)
135 Windows RPC
136 PROFILE Naming System (basically unused)
137-139 Windows NetBios

TCP/UDP 443 (ssl)
Secure web browsing – HTTPS

TCP/UDP 445 (ms-ds)
Microsoft Directory Services

TCP/UDP 1433-1434 (ms-sql)
Microsoft SQL Server

More information can be found :

This might help with multicast flooding on your Wi-Fi

Chromecast finally becoming useful

I haven’t updated anything on here for quite sometime, apparently I am too busy. I thought this was pretty awesome though.

Google finally released the SDK for Chromecast, which means we should start seeing some pretty awesome things (like more APP support). Right now, you need to update the Google Play Services if you want full support.

Then I would suggest getting PLEX and Allcast as they seem to make the Chromecast most useful right now.

Things are looking up for this $35 purchase!

Rooting the HTC One

Thought I would include some info on rooting the HTC One with Cyanogenmod or Android Revolution HD (which I plan on trying)

Files needed:

HTC One toolkit
Clockworkmod Recovery (touch)
TWRP (this is what I’m using)
Cyanogenmod 10.2
Gapps for CM 10.2
Android Revolution HD

Here are my collection of files (including firmware updates)

I recommend following this guide, should answer everything. I will put the questions and answers I had after reading this guide below. This guide is great because it gives you firmware updates (which aren’t included in ROMS). Since you are S-off you can always downgrade.


This is for the HTC GSM version

Before you start you should find out some info about your device. Run the following command in adb on your computer when the device is in fastboot mode (hold power + vol down, then when in bootloader, choose fastboot) ‘fastboot getvar all”. This will give you info on MID and CID, as well as HBOOT. If you are above HBOOT 1.44 you cannot achieve S-off which is needed for the guide above. S-off is basically HTC saying security off, which allows you to mess with the phone more. Disables CID and MID checks and so on.

If you have S-off on HBOOT 1.44 and upgrade, you retain S-off on later HBOOTS (1.55)

If you can’t get S-off you can still unlock with HTCDEV

If you have S-off and you load a custom HBOOT and try to go back to S-on, you will brick. Don’t mess with custom HBOOTS (ones with red text removed).

Just updated my files and can confirm that this doesn’t wipe your recovery, data or ROM

This is my TELUS HTC ONE:
Current CID = TELUS001
Current MID = PN0712000
Model = m7_ul

I will be changing my CID to the Super CID 11111111

If you have issues getting adb and fastboot mode working in Windows, use Windows 7 instead of 8 and try the files I included above (drivers and programs)

Process went well, ended up on Cyanogenmod over Android Revolution HD. This was because of speed and less bloat. I miss the IR features and stock camera app though.

*Update* Found THIS Forum to get IR working on Cyanogenmod 10.2, nice stable custom nightly files

Here is a remote that still works in the play market, unless you can find Smart IR 1.3.2 apk

Get Halo (from ParanoidAndroid ROM feature) working on CM 10.2:

– Install the Xposed framework from here
– Install the Xhalo Floating Windows from here
– Get Floating Notifications from the Play Market

Enjoy this tweak!

Google event and Chromecast

Today Google announced a few things:

Android 4.3 (if you use a custom rom like Cyanogenmod, version 10.2 is out now)


Nexus 7 v2.0

Quite excited about the Chromecast for $35.

Ouya with XBMC

I love XBMC and I’m constantly looking for a cheap solution at a fast working XBMC setup. I think the Ouya might be the best solution out there right now.

How to install XBMC

The Ouya is a Android powered ARM system with:

– 1GB of RAM
– Tegra 3
– 8GB of StoragediscoverControllerIf you don’t like XBMC, you can still use anything Android has to offer, like PLEX and Netflix. It comes with a Bluetooth game controller and pairs just fine with a Bluetooth Keyboard. All of this is only $100 bucks. If you are looking for a new Media Center, I think this might be the best solution.

*Update* This thing runs XBMC like a champ, highly recommend this device.