Welcome to Newsgroups!

I figured I would educate some of you on newsgroups. A lot of people have no idea what I am talking about when I tell them that I use “Newsgroups” for downloads. Everyone these days either use Limewire or Torrents. I personally love my Newsgroups.

For starters you are going to need to get access to usenet (newsgroups), I find a good/cheap way is to subscribe to UsenetServer. It’s only 14.95 a month and kicks ass. Please if you sign up say that “musicking” referred you, thank you.

Then you need a kick ass client to download the articles with. I like Altbinz cause it’s free and rocks the show.

Last you will need some pretty awesome nzb sites, I like setting my filters up on Altbinz and having it read the RSS feed on TVNZB so I can automatically download my shows.

That about sums up my welcome to newsgroups.

Kevin’s Iphone Guide

This is my first post and may not be the best post. Recently I have become an Apple fan after much hatred towards them. The Iphone is amazing, and let me tell you why:

– The App store truely makes the phone, EVERYONE is developing for this device

That is really the only reason, it has everything!

All this aside you probably want to “Hack” the phone to see it’s real power. Hopefully the following links will help you achieve this.

First off before you do anything you need to know how to jailbreak your iphone.

Thebigboss.org is the best website I have found for guides and links to downloads to jailbreak your device. Make sure you get the latest 2.1 firmware from itunes 8 and when “jailbreaking” I wouldn’t even bother with installer. Just use quickpwn and select cydia when “pwning”.

Now that you have a jailbroken phone one of the first things to install is “Winterboard”. This will allow you to theme your iphone (everyone always wants to make it look different). More importantly install “OpenSSH”, this will allow you to SFTP to your phone using WinSCP. Find out your ip address and connect to your phone and username and pass will be:


now that you are there you can replace your mobile.installation file. This will allow for cracked ipa’s for free paid app store apps. You can find that cracked file Here. You can also change your ringtones and msg tones with a jailbroken phone.

Convert .mp3 ringtone file to aac file format in itunes then rename file to .m4r and re-import back into itunes. sync and done.

Msg Tones:
Convert .mp3 file to .AIF with itunes, then rename to .caf

Replace existing files with your new files.

cd /System/Library/Audio/UISounds

Cracked IPA sites for free apps.


Also some of you might want a free video encoder for the iphone. This is the best I have found, get it HERE!

Hopefully some of you found this usefull as my first blog post.